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Pennsylvania Title Insurance

Serving the needs of homeowners, sellers, land developers,  

lenders, attorneys, and real estate professionals.

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Title & Settlement Services

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Buchanan Settlement Services Owners

About Us

Buchanan Settlement Services, established in 1997, is a full-service title agency serving the needs of homeowners, buyers, sellers, land developers, as well as attorneys, realtors and other real estate professionals in Franklin, Fulton, Adams and Cumberland counties in Pennsylvania.


Buchanan Settlement Services searches titles, prepares all requested documents accurately and on time, issues binders and title insurance policies promptly, and conducts settlements at times and locations most convenient for our customers.

Buchanan Settlement Services Owners

Advantages of Working with a Title Company

Real estate transactions are either very simplistic, highly complex, or somewhere in between. Having the right title company on your side throughout the entire process can give you the utmost confidence that the transaction is done properly and securely at every turn. 


When working with Buchanan Settlement Services, you can expect to receive all sorts of benefits, including: 


  • A diligent search of the title to locate any potential issues or defects

  • Close communication with the seller to cure any title issues, allowing the sale to continue

  • Careful attention to complex transactions, making sure no detail is left untouched

  • Keeping good faith deposits, down payments, and closing costs as well as handle the final disbursement safely and securely - fighting against wire fraud and other scams

  • The issuance of various title insurance policies (perhaps the most important role of a title company)

  • Organizing all documentation and facilitating a smooth closing 

  • The recordation of title documents after closing


If you have heard the horror stories that come with failed closings, all the more reason to choose a title company you can trust. 


Choose Buchanan Settlement Services.


"I have worked closely with Buchanan settlements for over a decade. They have always been on top of their game even through the shifting markets, staff changes and various other things that sometimes have an effect on businesses..."

K. Martin

"From the beginning to the end of the process was painless. Dawn and her team made our settlement a breeze. I would highly recommend to anyone I come across to use Buchanan for anything from refinancing to settlements!"

S. Moore

"Buchanan Settlement Services was very professional and accommodating in helping us complete our settlement. I have used them in the past and plan on using them on the future."

S. Gageby

  • Is a title company always required?
    Depending on where you are, you are likely not required by law to hire a title company to handle your real estate transaction. However, due to the amount of services required for a successful transaction - and the importance of making sure it is handled appropriately in a legal sense - having title experts on your side is always a wise idea. Having an attorney on the team, such as with Buchanan Settlement Services, is even better.
  • Who chooses the title company?
    The person who chooses the title company can vary from state to state. In Pennsylvania, it is customary for the buyer to select the title company.
  • What is title insurance?
    Title insurance protects against title issues or defects that may have taken place prior to ownership. There are different policies used to protect the lender and/or the owner of the property. Each policy requires one premium payment to be paid at closing.
  • Is title insurance required?
    An owner’s title insurance policy is not required, but it is highly recommended by title experts. On the other hand, lender’s title insurance is often required by lenders as a condition of the loan.
  • How can I learn more about Buchanan Settlement Services?
    If you are getting ready to buy, sell, or refinance, and you are looking for a title company that will handle everything for you in a proper, efficient, and hassle-free manner, then give us a call at (717) 762-1415.
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